Hello my friends!

If you aren't following American Feathers on social media (Instagram and Facebook) then you may be wondering why there are no painted feathers available right now. 

I've received many messages asking how to order and I am doing my best to update everyone. I think this blog option of the website will be one of the best ways to keep everyone updated outside of social media.

A lot has happened in 11 years since Tyler has passed.

Recently, I have entered a new chapter of the story, this one focused on welcoming the blessing of a new life. A daughter. She is not quite here yet, but she will be soon!

I have reached a point in my preganancy that I can no longer sit long enough to paint feathers without a lot of discomfort. Last week I finally finished orders from the last shop update and I knew I had to call it. It is time to take a break and start maternity leave.

I will still have American Feather gear available on the website (www.originalamericanfeathers.com) and be keeping everything updated.

I will likely still be sneaking a little painting in here and there. I have a Custom Collection American Feather available this week, so keep an eye out for that! I hope to have some fun painting some one of kind feathers one at time as I can until little Rose makes her appearance.

I do not have a scheduled time for when I will open up orders for American Feathers. I don't want to commit to anything just yet, but American Feathers is not going anywhere. I will be back to painting eventually and I hope that you all will stick with me as I learn to navigate these new waters as a mom and artist!

If you'd like to keep in touch and follow along, please join us on Instagram and Facebook. I'll still be sharing there as well.

As always, I love to see and hear the story behind your American Feather. If you'd like to share, please message me!

Honor Them By Living,