Hello there and welcome to American Feathers, the home of the original American flag feather created in honor of SO1 (SEAL) Tyler Stimson in 2015. 

 Do you know the story behind American Feathers?

Tyler left this world on a Friday. It was July 16, 2010. He was killed in an accident at home after several deployments and years of service.

The life we built together ended unexpectedly that day.

I would soon come to understand the power that one simple, small act of kindness could have in my darkest hours. I became determined to find a way to forward that kindness on into the world in gratitude and in honor of Tyler.

I just didn't yet know how.

It would take years of healing, returning to my love horses, art, and my home state of Montana before I would be inspired to paint the first Classic American Flag Feather in Tyler's memory in 2015.

Receiving the flag at his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, I remember it felt like it was the last bit I was given of him that I could physically hold onto...and I held on to it tightly from that day on.

Perhaps it all really started there.

When I look at these feathers, I see a culmination of memories and emotions beginning with the day I decided to join the Navy, to September 11th, to the first day of boot camp when I first met Tyler, not knowing then that he would be my future husband.

They also represent the service and sacrifice of those that are close to me. To my humble amazement, American Feathers have grown to represent the service, sacrifice, and stories of people all over the U.S. and beyond.

They've also come to represent my life today and the life changing philosophy that it is possible to create beauty from ashes when we choose to honor those we've lost by living.

"Honor Them By Living" is the American Feathers motto and how I now live my life.

It is my hope that the next time you see an American Feather, that you will see all this and more.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and Tyler's memory with you...I look forward to hearing the story behind your American Feather one day soon. 

Never Give Up and Never Forget, 

Chelsey Stimson